The Center for Pain and the Brain and the Occasional Ankle Sprain

Center for Pain and the Brain ad

Also call if you have a migraine. Seen on the train, in Jamaica Plain.




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The center for Pain and the Brain

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Migraines Daily- When riding the MBTA
Recent Concussion- Getting walloped by a giant backpack on the train
Recent ankle sprain- Slipped on wet platform at DTC

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Interior of the Orange Line

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Note the faux-wood grain.

I don't want to break the chain.

It's not like they have this in Maine.

But what if the aches are caused by the rain?

Let's all join together for one more refrain.

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Continuing Along That Same Vein...

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As riders of the we complain,

The money we pay goes down the drain,

Building stations more fancy than plain,

Which alas, they never maintain!

But, if your appetite hasn't begun to wane,

How about a slice of quiche Lorraine?

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Insane in the membrane. Gotta maintain ....

That's today's dated cultural reference.

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I thought making fun of

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I thought making fun of medical studies is offensive, after the whole blowup from those McDonald's ads a few years ago.

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