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Chef hopes to return West Roxbury eatery to its breakfast and lunch 'glory days'

The Boston Licensing Board yesterday approved a food-serving license for Joseph Adamo's 320 Cafe at 320 Spring St. in West Roxbury.

The location was previously home to the Spring Street Cafe, which closed in February.

"I want to bring it back to its glory days of serving great breakfasts and lunch," Adamo told the board at a hearing on Wednesday. Although he said he would focus on the first two meals of the day, the board granted him permission to stay open until 10 p.m.

Adamo was formerly executive chef at the Battery Wharf Hotel.


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Will the prices be from the "glory days" ??? Doubt it.

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You're angry about a restaurant that hasn't even opened yet?

Don't worry, the IHOP is just down the road.

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Clearly having a restaurant open until 10pm is s grave threat to the sylvan idylls of West Roxbury.. This must be stopped on behalf of the children.

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