Waterfront hotel chef to try hand at West Roxbury cafe

320 Cafe coming soon to Spring Street in West Roxbury

Joseph Adamo, a chef with more than 20 years experience at restaurants in Europe and the US, is looking to turn the old Spring Street Cafe on Spring Street at VFW Parkway into a new place called 320 Cafe, possibly in time for a fall opening.

A posting in the Chronicles of West Roxbury Facebook group indicates the new cafe - named for its number on Spring Street - will be open for breakfast and lunch. A filing with the state also indicates the possibility of alcohol service, although Adamo would have to buy a license on the open market since the owner of the Spring Street Cafe sold hers in February.

Workers have been busy in recent weeks re-doing the interior of the cafe, which in the past has served as a breakfast nook and a chicken-wings place.

Adamo served as executive chef at the Battery Wharf Hotel's Aragosta Bar and Bistro until this past September.

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Only slightly off-topic

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Can anyone find the architects drawing of the new condos they proposed in the old nail salon/Charles RIver Sports building next door? I know I saw it on uHub in the past, but couldn't find it today.


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MAN. I was wondering how

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MAN. I was wondering how that lot was just continuing to sit there. To be honest, I figured somebody would buy the nail place, the closed cafe, the whole lot, and slap on a "transit oriented development" on a nightmarishly unwalkable intersection with only one bus line.

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I believe the MBTA owns the

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I believe the MBTA owns the paved lot. It had been used for a bus depot for decades.

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not sure if an empty lot

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not sure if an empty lot where one bus turns around counts as a depot

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At one point....

You co8uld still see traces of streetcar tracks in that parking lot. But I wonder what is going on on the _other_ side of the cafe?

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Building and Lot have History

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The large paved area that is used to loop buses is an MBTA property.

Back in the day, as the saying goes, it was the end-of-the-line for the Charles River trolley (streetcar) and trolley cars were looped there and a few would be stored for the following morning's start of service. Think of it as a cut down version of the BC Stop in Brighton. The lot ceased seeing streetcars in the mid-1950s and the line was converted to "trackless-trolley" electric buses with associated overhead wires much like you find in Cambridge. When that service ended the line was fully converted to diesel buses.

The loop remained the end of the line until recent times when, within the last 20-years or so, the line was extended on select runs to the front door of the West Roxbury VA Hospital and on even fewer runs to Millennium Park (Rivermoor).

The restaurant building serviced as the lay-over facility for the trolley and bus operators with rest rooms and a station operation where drivers could resolve their fare bank. In days long gone by the drivers were responsible for maintaining a bank fo $25 (some carried larger) for purposes of making change for the coin and token operated fare boxes. If you think people paying cash are a problem now, imagine someone getting on with a $5 bill needing to get $4 in singles and change to deposit in the fare box.

After the transit system closed the fare and lay-over operation the building was then occupied by a taxi company and the front end of the building on Spring Street served as a waiting room where you could keep warm in the winter while waiting for taxis to return from a trip and to take you to your destination. Taxis were radio dispatched from there as well.

The loop is still deemed a terminus and end point for MBTA buses on Rt 36 for select runs, especially in the late evening. Bus #52 to Watertown stops on Spring St rather than looping in, and the Dedham "Manor" bus also stops there. Because of this the term "depot" can be applied, though not to the magnitude one normally would use for that word.

After the taxi company moved and after a period of vacancy the building had other occupancies. The last couple being restaurants.

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