Chelsea MS-13 member pleads guilty to trying to kill member of rival gang


Daniel Menjivar, 22, pleaded guilty yesterday to participation in racketeering and attempted murder for participating in the 2014 stabbing and shooting of a rival gang member who somehow survived the attack, the US Attorney's office reports.

Menjivar, a member of MS-13's Enfermos Criminales Salvatrucha "clique" in Chelsea, also admitted to planning out the murder of a junior-level MS-13 member they thought - incorrectly, the feds say - was cooperating with the feds.

Menjivar, a Salvadoran national, is the 16th local MS-13 member to plead guilty since a January, 2016 sweep that ultimately netted 61 people on various drugs, guns and murder charges.

According to the US Attorney's office, Menjivar and another MS-13 member jumped a member of the rival 18th Street gang on Washington Avenue in Chelsea on May 29, 2014, stabbing and shooting him repeatedly, but failing to kill him.

He is scheduled for sentencing on Dec. 4.




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They are pleading guilty to

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They are pleading guilty to receive lighter sentences and in some cases to avoid the death penalty.

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