Christian Science Church, Landmark Commission butt heads over Mass. Ave. arch

The First Church of Christ Scientist wants to remove an arch in front of its Publishing House on Mass. Ave., but the Boston Landmarks Commission wants to keep it. The Boston Sun reports.



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Thank you

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I was having trouble finding a picture of it. And I agree, can see both sides of the argument.

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Landmark and historical

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are NOT the same thing. And the "historical" argument is used way too often to justify keeping "landmarks" that aren't actually recognized as such by visitors (like this arch) and/or have little if any historical significance (like the idiotic Citgo sign or an outdated traffic circle near the Arborway).

Sadly, it's legitimate historical preservation efforts that suffer because of this type of nonsense.

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Considering the absolutely awful 60s architecture across the street from it, I'd prefer they kept it to help keep that block looking as nice as it can.

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