Christmas stuff out this early is kind of creepy

Halloween and Christmas stuff out at the same time

Merry Halloween at the Dedham Lowe's today.



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Halloween Meets Xmas

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Will we have zombie Santas and zombie elves? But consider the idea of zombie Xmas trees. They have all the attributes of being a live tree except that they're not. The needles stay on the branches, branches don't fall off. They don't to need to be watered. What's not to like?

But if they start wondering around will they start eating every Xmas ornament they can find? That will teach every CVS, Walmart and any other store to stop selling Xmas decorations before Thanksgiving!

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One big season now

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This blending of Halloween and Christmas is quite widespread now. The Hallmark Channel is running commercials with Jack O Lanterns wearing Santa hats. Thanks to the media and merchants it has essentially become one big holiday season from mid-September through Jan 1. People nominally moan about it but seem quite willing to go along with it because the media and merchants wouldn't do it if it wasn't worth their while financially.

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