Cleveland Circle hotel to open in April

The AC Hotel at the Circle, where the Cleveland Circle Cinema and the Applebee's used to be, should open in April, just in time for BC graduation season, its manager, Ronald Rockelein, said today.

Rockelein appeared before the Boston Licensing Board to seek its approval for the chain's plan to buy the liquor license now held by Chau Chow City on Essex Street in Chinatown.

The 162-room hotel is part of a project that also includes a senior-citizen apartment building.


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A classic example of how screwed up things are

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There is not one person in all of Boston/Brookline who would complain that a hotel has alcohol, so why should they have to go into the sleazy (but legal) aftermarket to get a license?

I know. Those are the rules, but the rules need to be fixed!

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Presumably, this place will

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Presumably, this place will get occasional business from the football fans who travel to see their teams play at BC. Clemson is coming next season, and given the lack of tailgating space up there, Tiger fans will take over Cleveland Circle.

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