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Concord company hopes to strike out Florida rival in trademark lawsuit over mugs made from baseball bats

A Massachusetts man who says his Florida partner walked away from the idea of selling mugs carved out of the hollowed out barrels of baseball bats is now suing him because the guy got back into the baseball-bat-mug business.

In a lawsuit filed this week in US District Court in Boston, Adam Wnukowski, Jr. says that Randall Thompson agreed to sell him all his rights in the nascent company the two had founded in Florida in 2015 to make the mugs. But Wnukowksi charges that after he moved the fledgling Lumberlend company to Concord, MA and began manufacturing and selling Bat Mugs (including a Boston Strong edition), Thompson decided to compete and began making his own "lessor quality" versions.

Wunkowski balked at this and is now asking a judge to order Thompson to forfeit, stop making his bat mugs and pay damages of at least $250,000.

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