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Cops nab man they say had just stolen hundreds of dollars worth of stuff from a downtown CVS

A Dorchester man's lengthy arrest record got even longer yesterday after Transit Police officers joined an employee of the Summer Street CVS who was chasing a man with "hundreds of dollars worth of stolen items."

Transit Police report officers patrolling the area around the Downtown Crossing T stop "pursued Szulewski down Chauncy Street where they were able to apprehend him" around noon.

During booking, police say, officers discovered Szulewski "was wanted by way of a Suffolk Superior Court warrant for Armed Robbery-Firearm." Szulewski has a record of similar arrests and warrants dating to at least 2010.

Innocent, etc.


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I always wondered if the reason why CVS's prices were so overinflated was because of the constant shoplifting that happens in its stores.

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He just didn't have his ExtraCare card on him so he had to pay full price. Once he realized he was being jacked by CVS.. he just bolted with the stuff.

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"Hundreds of dollars worth of stolen items" in a CVS probably equals about three items. Razor cartridges and all purpose contact lens solution alone practically cost that. OK, so it's an exaggeration,but only a slight one really.

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For the items he said "what, you think I could carry something that long?"

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