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DA: Bloody handprints on a T faregate linked suspect to brutal Downtown Crossing knife attack

A Boston Municipal Court judge today ordered Davongie Stone, 20, of the South End, ordered held in lieu of $500,000 bail for a knife attack in Downtown Crossing early Sunday that sent the victim to the hospital with numerous chest wounds, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office.

Stone also faces arraignment in Cambridge for stabbing two men in separate robberies the night before in Harvard Square.

According to the DA's office, Stone, accompanied by another man, jumped the victim, 21, around 12:40 a.m. at Washington and Winter streets to rob him:

Detectives obtained footage from public safety cameras in the area, which recorded images of two men following the victim, attacking him, and grabbing at the area of his waist while he lay on the ground. The men began to walk away when one of them - later identified as Stone - returned to assault the victim once more before fleeing on foot.

Footage from public safety cameras in the Downtown Crossing MBTA station shows this assailant jump a turnstile, placing his hands on the metal surfaces on either side of the gate. Investigators observed a reddish-brown substance consistent with blood in this area, and criminalists were able to lift a handprint from it. That handprint was in turn submitted to a database that matched it with Stone’s fingerprints from prior arrests. Stone’s booking photo was also consistent with that of the assailant seen in the footage. The identity of the second assailant remains under investigation.

In the unlikely event Stone can raise bail, he would remain locked up because Judge Marc Hart Summerville revoked his bail for an earlier Roxbury shoplifting charge.



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