Dan Grabauskas, we can't quit you

The Globe reports that the MBTA has brought back its former general manager, Dan Grabauskas, to serve as executive director of commuter rail, which means he'll be working with T officials to figure out ways Keolis, which actually runs commuter rail under a contract, can make things better.

Now, last we'd heard of Grabauskas after he left here in 2009, he was out in Hawaii, serving as general manager of Honolulu's nascent rapid-transit system. What could possibly entice him to leave a tropical paradise for the snow and sleet of Boston? Seems there were some issues involving major cost overruns and lack of financial accountability. But, no, Grabauskas wasn't fired. He quit first.


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You have GOT to be kidding

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How the hell does this guy keep getting these jobs? I am seriously asking. What degree do I need to get? Does DeVry offer it? Univ. of Phoenix? Trump University? I can keep doing a horrible job and getting booted from municipality to municipality for six figures a year! Someone show me the way!

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Why is commuter rail contracted out?

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The simple answer: it's

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The simple answer: it's always been done that way.

When the private railroads ran into financial trouble in the 60s, the MBTA began subsidizing their commuter services.

Later this turned into a contracted operation, at first still with the private railroads. At some point the T bought the trains and most of the tracks. The operating contract changed hands a few times since then.

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Grabauskas is a Republican.

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  1. Grabauskas is a Republican. That fits the current administration
  2. Probably didn't fit Hawaii well
  3. Grabauskas is a career public transportation person.
  4. The new G.M. isn't. He'll need an advisor.
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But ...

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The new G.M. isn't. He'll need an advisor.

He's not even reporting directly to the new GM. He's reporting to some guy who reports to the new GM.

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And A Gay Republican Too!

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Why that's relevant is, it suggests a lack of logical thinking or understanding the big picture. It calls into question his ability to come up with rational solutions to the 's problems with the Commuter Rail.

In addition to his Hawaiian salary:

B. HOUSING ALLOWANCE: There shall be a housing allowance of THREE THOUSAND AND NO/1 00 DOLLARS ($3,000.00) per month ($36,000.00/year).

C. TRANSPORTATION ALLOWANCE: There shall be a transportation allowance of FIVE HUNDRED AND NO/100 DOLLARS ($500.00) per month ($6,000.00/year).

On the other hand, he might just be in it for the money, and/or because all he knows how to do is feed at the public trough.

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WTF has gay got to do with it?

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The housing and transit allowance, fair issues.

Gay is relevant? No. The only lack of logical thinking here is yours.

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As the ' T' Turns

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Why hasn't anyone thought of developing a reality television show about the MBTA. Probably because no one would believe the longest running comedy in the history of public transportation.

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that is an amazing idea

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That is an amazing idea!! Not only would i watch it, but in this day and age it would also be the only way in which the MBTA could actually be saved...

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Oh, these state agencies!!!!

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Oh, these state agencies!!!! Where else can you get fired and get hired back a few years' later at a higher rate???

Many years ago, I worked for another state agency. My boss' boss got fired, and a few years later, he was hired back for some cush job. Guess he couldn't hack it in the 'dreaded private sector', as Howie Carr calls it.

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MBTA Very Short on Management Talent

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One way to see this is pay.
Here are the top 10 earners at Massport for 2016, They are all executives / managers.
This short list is representative; the full list continues in the same vein.

Thomas Glynn CEO/Executive Director $279,034.04
Edward Freni Director, Aviation $297,948.31
John Pranckevicius Director, Admin. & Finance $260,575.02
Houssam Sleiman Dir., Capital Prog. & Enviro $277,776.00
Lisa Wieland Port Director $224,967.60 $235,982.72
Todd Smith Director, Aviation Operations $223,910.32
Francis Anglin Chief Information Officer $225,391.12
Catherine Ferrara Chief Legal Counsel $214,453.45
James Doolin Chief Development Officer $219,011.30
Elizabeth Morse Chief of Staff $203,877.46

Here are the top 10 earners at MBTA for 2016, ONE is an executive / manager. (Again, the full list continues in the same vein.)
Granted, the agency missions are different, the labors had overtime pay, etc. But this is a ridiculous imbalance.

Perry Yee Foreperson, Wireperson $227,022.00
Michael Rivera Insp, Sig & Interlocking $209,744.00
Jeffrey D Gonneville Chief Operating Officer $208,962.00
Stephen T Mitchell Foreperson, Wireperson $208,766.00
Heath R Dolloff Insp, Sig & Interlocking $207,464.00
Darren M Keith Sergeant, Police $205,007.00
Steven W Ayles Insp, Sig & Interlocking $196,584.00
Manes Cadet Lieutenant, Police $194,961.00
John Keady Insp, Misc Elec Equipment $193,890.00
Michael F Adamson Sergeant, Police $193,165.00

A one-year contract with Grabauskas is a reasonable investment

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