Dueling endorsements in race for LaMattina's seat

NorthEndWaterfront.com reports the Ward 3 Democratic Committee this week endorsed Stephen Passacantilli for the District 1 seat (North End, Charlestown, East Boston) from which Sal LaMattina is retiring this year. The East Boston Times-Free Press reports state Sen. Joseph Boncore endorsed Lydia Edwards for the seat. Also running: Margaret Farmer.




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I'm sure Edwards would do a

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I'm sure Edwards would do a fine job, but the mayor is so toxic that I have to fall behind Farmer, the only candidate not in his employ.

I'd be fairly happy with either of them and if it looks tight, I'll vote strategically. But Marty is actively poisoning my neighborhood and his staff are callous and cruel about our complaints. All other things being equal, I'll take the candidate who doesn't owe him anything.

Good on Farmer for making them work for it. There's no call to be snide.

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Margaret Farmer

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is the ONLY candidate that has not ever been on the City payroll. She is truly independent and worth a serious look.

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