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East Boston murder reverberates a world away

Duncan Ketter

Duncan Ketter, who officials say died in a holdup inside an SUV in East Boston, was born in Kenya, where his mother and other family members still live. A Kenyan newspaper talks to his sister:

“We were informed that my brother was home from church on Sunday when a girlfriend asked him out. He stepped outside his house to meet her so they could hang out with two other male friends who were in a car,” narrates the sister who believes it was a setup.

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It's safer to make the drug transaction outside a vehicle. I've walked by a few near the plaza across from the State Street Building while walking from Chinatown. Never saw a knife or guns.

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Walk up Beach Street from the Chinatown Gate to Atlantic Ave and I guarantee you'll see at least 1-2 deals go down, usually without much thought for discretion. See it every Monday to Friday on my way home from work. I just wonder why the police don't take notice. Sadly it seems like a lot of it is pushers preying upon people from the St. Francis House nearby.

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and at the back side of Maverick T stop.

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