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Eight-story R&D building would replace RCN building and parking lot near Gillette plant

105 West 1 Street

Architect's rendering.

Developers yesterday filed formal plans with the BPDA for a 266,000-square-foot research and development building between West 1 and West 2 streets, behind Artists for Humanity.

In their filing with the BPDA, CV Properties, LLC of D Street promise a public walkway from West 1 to West 2:

The pedestrian connector is envisioned as a lively space filled with art curated and installed in possible collaboration with organizations such as Artists For Humanity, whose facility is next door, and the Fort Point Arts Community.

The developers say they expect most workers in the building to take public transportation - they propose just 35 parking spaces in a garage, but 120 bicycle spaces.

If built, the new structure would mean $1.4 million in payments to a BPDA fund for affordable housing and $277,000 for a similar job fund.

105 West 1 extended project notification form (19.3M PDF)




Looks like this is the RCN building with the giant dishes on it. Wonder what happens to them (or are they not distributing service from here).

A walkway to allow the public to get from 2nd to 1st / A street would be nice. Especially since A street is overflowing in the morning from all the new workplaces that opened up in fort point, Statestreet being a rather large one.

It's only going to get more pedestrian crowded once GE opens and bring other buissinesses that want to be on their doorstep.

Southie is a changing.

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