Elected officials begin making endorsements in race to replace Bill Linehan

Ray Flynn's son, Ed, has the backing of Southie's Nick Collins and Michael Flaherty for the District 2 (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, downtown) seat, but Mike Kelley has the support of Linda Dorcena Forry, Aaron Michlewitz, Joseph Boncore and Byron Rushing, the Herald reports.



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May vote against Kelly just due to Michlewitz & Rushing

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Rushing and Michlewitz were die-hard supporters of the bribe-taking Dimasi. And they are similarly glued so tightly to Deleo that it isn't funny.

In case you forgot; Dimasi stole millions from the tax-payers, and both Rushing and Dimasi supported him till the day he was sentenced as a felon.

I really want to 'drain the swamp', but can't believe another Flynn is exactly a fresh start.

Woe is us.

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Hey, I'm with you

I hate the "old gang" politics, so I agree with you about Rushing & Michlewitz. However, Sal did a couple of fantastic things (marriage equality, universal healthcare) and he kept us from having casinos for as long as he could. I'd take him back in a second.

I'm #teammike and I can overlook the politics of this all. I just think he's a fresher face and would be councilor for the entire district, not just those from Dorchester Street to Castle Island.

BTW, don't forget there are other people in the race. You have five choices in September; only the top two will move on. The other three don't have any political baggage, so your answer might be there. (Vote for Corey if not for Mike.)

EDIT: Oh, and I say that about Corey even though I disagreed vehemently with him about the Olympics and even though he called me an asshole.

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Apparently being a veteran

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Means nothing to some politicians who never served this country or doesn't know what it means to have a parent serve our country.

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