The end of a synagogue

Signs from Tifereth Israel in Revere

Over the years, the Jewish community of Revere has slowly dwindled. A couple years ago, the few remaining members of Congregation Tifereth Israel voted to dissolve the congregation and sell the 400-seat synagogue to a developer, who will tear it down and put up housing for veterans. Ron Newman reports:

Today was the last day that people could safely enter the building before asbestos remediation begins.

Congregation member Ira Novoselsky, local resident Jan Dumas, and I removed all siddurim, machzorim [other prayer books], Torah books, Haftarah books, and anything else we could identify that might contain the Hebrew Name of God. These will be buried in the synagogue's cemetery.




Revere shul

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Still looking for helpers willing to get a bit dirty to take some boards and plaques out side for photography documentation

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Revere Shul

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I have access to the shul on Saturday and Sunday. Around 10 both days. Any one who wants to help please email me at [email protected]

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Please post a way to contact

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Please post a way to contact you -- I'd be interested in helping.

Were the prayerbooks not worth saving to donate to another organization?

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I don't know the answer to this question

I did not get involved in any of this until two days ago, when my friend Jan Dumas posted on Facebook that the shul's demolition was imminent. She was not a member of the shul, but she lives nearby, loves her Shirley Avenue neighborhood, and is friends with City Council member Ira Novoselsky, who is overseeing the wind-down of this congregation.

I told Jan that I wanted to document the building with photos before it is torn down, so she arranged for Ira to open the building for us yesterday. Once I was there, I got drafted into helping remove the remaining sacred texts from the building so that they don't get buried in demolition rubble.

The congregation closed the shul more than two years ago, and I assume Ira and the few remaining other members have been trying their best to find new homes for the building's contents. If you know of a Jewish congregation that might want the prayer books, Torah books, or Haftarah books, you should talk to Ira ASAP. His email address is [email protected]. I don't know whether it is already too late.

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