Everett teens face charges for prank note that forced evacuation of Bunker Hill Community College and Orange Line shutdown

State Police report charging two teens from Everett for a prank note left on a friend's car that led to the evacuation of both the community college and the neighboring T stop on July 25.

State police say the two, one 19, the other 16, were summonsed to court to face charges of threats to commit a crime against a person making a threat that disrupts a school or public building and disorderly conduct.

According to State Police:

The male victim found the threatening note when he returned to his car in the parking lot of the Charlestown school on the afternoon of July 25. State Police detectives, patrols and K-9 units responded to the scene, as did explosive ordinance detection teams from the State Police and FBI. Boston Police, Fire, and EMS units also responded, as did campus police and Transit Police.

In addition to causing fear to the victim and the community, the prank threat caused the college to be locked down for more than three hours while State Police and FBI bomb technicians cleared the victim’s car. Additionally, students and staff were not permitted to enter the lot to retrieve their own cars, and the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority closed the Community College Orange Line stop, for the duration of the scene investigation.

Regardless of the reason for the threat and the acknowledgement that it was a prank, the serious impacts it caused in terms of fear and disruption to the community, and the drain on numerous law enforcement and emergency agencies, warrant the filing of equally serious criminal charges.




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19 years old? They'll never

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19 years old? They'll never be able to get and hold jobs. What a couple of losers.

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Mind-numbingly dumb prank.

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Mind-numbingly dumb prank. Thanks for wasting all of that tax-payer money, wasting busy students' time, and scaring the crap out of an innocent person for no reason other than your own selfish amusement.

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What planet have they been on?

Given what 19 year olds have seen in their time on the planet, leaving a bomb threat as "a joke" and expecting anything much different than what they got is boggling. Especially if they have been living in the area in the past 5 years.

This is naivete on the order of when Homer Simpson went to college and expected it to be like Animal House.

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The exact opposite - older

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The exact opposite - older people take these things more seriously, I think, because we remember a time when it wasn't daily background radiation in our lives. A 19 year old doesn't functionally remember a time where terrorism wasn't a daily thing - and when something is every day it stops being meaningful.

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Older people take it less seriously.

19 year olds have not known a time when people haven't gotten in extremely serious trouble for this. Us geezers remember regular bomb threats being brushed off as hoaxes. Even the geeks were creating hoax bombs to win the spy game.

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