Expressway backed up due to giant octopus

Traffic-jamming giant octopus in Dorchester

UHub Traffic on the 3s reporter Mark Stephens brings us the latest on the octojam in Dorchester:

I was traveling up 93 around 3pm this afternoon and ended up stuck in traffic that was cause by people slowing to look at a group of kite-flyers at the Pope John Paul II Park alongside 93 and the Neponset river.



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I was one of them.

If you do not slow to gawk at a 50-foot long purple octopus flailing its tentacles over the Neponset, you are not human.

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Don't stop

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If you are on a highway and slow down to endanger the rest of the people on the highway, then you are dumb. Get off at the next exit and look.

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Drive well

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If you are on the highway and are endangered because the person in front of you slowed down, then you aren't an attentive driver. Get off at the next exit and reassess your driving habits.

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Now get off my lawn!

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new around here?

If you bitch about slowness on the Expressway, you must have just dropped your kid off at college and are heading back home to Nebraska.

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Visiting from Maine?

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This kite's spent quite a bit of time at Bug Light in Portland this summer.

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