Faivish Pewzner Fan of Boston Bagels

When Faivish Pewzner last visited Boston, he was excited about many things. But the one thing he was most looking forward, was tasting the city's famous bagels. Boston is a creative town with an outdoor culture that loves good food. Art and music are really big here, and there are foodie spots everywhere you turn. From oysters, noodles, chicken, tuna, and egg salads, to a large variety of pastries, this city really has something for everyone. Over the last few years, Boston has been undergoing a bagel transformation. The city’s bagel bakeries have a lot to offer. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer them light and bready or dense and chewy since there is a style here for everyone. Faivish Pewzner has always been a fan of blueberry, so the first thing he did upon arriving, was finding a nice local bakery and tasting one of their heavenly blueberry bagels. The dressing they served with the bagel was a story for itself.

If you're planning to visit Boston for the first time, you should make sure that you’re prepared for a tasting breakdown. There’s nothing wrong with having a lot of options at your disposal, but it can certainly make it harder to make up your mind. Once you find yourself in front of a bakery window in Boston you’ll feel the temptation. All those different kinds of bagels, classic or perfectly seeded with poppy, sesame, or pumpernickel, present a different opportunity. For the past 20 years, Faivish Pewzner hasn’t missed a chance to treat himself with a delicious breakfast bagel, every time he is in Boston. By now he has probably visited most of the city bakeries, and openly claims that Boston has the cozies bakeries and the most delicious bagels.

Mr.Pewzner isn’t afraid of new things, and he uses every opportunity to try some new flavor. On his last trip, he discovered a cozy bakery on the east south of Boston that serves single bagel with cream cheese. The prices are way more reasonable than in New York, and everything was fresh and in balance. So by the time the trip was over, Mr. Faivish Pewzner had sampled over 10 different flavors. If you’re also a fan of bagels, the next time you visit Boston treat your palate with a mouthwatering bagel experience.


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