Fenway taxi garage could be replaced with residential units

A local developer and a California company told the BPDA this week they plan to replace the old Boston Cab garage on Kilmarnock Street and another low-slung building across the street with two buildings housing a total of roughly 400 residential units.

Cabot, Cabot and Forbes and CIM Group of Los Angeles paid former taxi king Edward Tutunjian some $50 million earlier this year for the two acres at Queensberry Street, which also includes a couple of restaurants and a convenience store.

The current addresses are 60, 67-75 and 70-80 Kilmarnock St. and 59-75 Queensberry St.

The developers are proposing 300 parking spaces, in both a garage and at street level for the new buildings, along with retail space in one of them.

In their letter of intent, the companies say they will file a more detailed project-notification form within a month.

Letter of intent (127k PDF).




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Well, they're not going to be townhouses

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You're right - the letter does not mention "towers."

Of course, towers in the Fenway are not the same as towers downtown (except when they are), but how else are you going to fit 400 units in two buildings on two acres, when a fair amount of that space is planned for amenities of some sort and some parking? Still, it's a fair amount of land to play with in a dense urban setting; I guess we'll find out just how high they'll be next month.

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2004 consensus zoning is 75

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2004 consensus zoning is 75 feet. 5-6 story buildings tops in that older part of the neighborhood close to the Fens. This will likely look like the new developments on Brainerd Road in Brighton in terms of scale and style.

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This is good news all around.

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This is good news all around.

Taxis are declining and don't need that space and the city gets more housing.

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I talk to cab drivers almost every day...

And you tell me, what does it mean when a medallion goes from a high of 600k to a low of 100k in less than ten years, you who clearly has his finger on the pulse of the cab industry here in your adopted home town?

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Assuming we do need a taxi

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Assuming we do need a taxi garage... why do we need it to be in Fenway?

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We don't...

On any given Saturday night now, they have more cabs sitting in the garage then on the road.

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About time

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The area around the taxi's is sketchy in an otherwise awesome neighborhood. Huge sore on the area. Happy to hear this

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