Field to replace LaMattina shrinks by one reports that Jack Kelly of Charlestown won't run to replace Sal LaMattina as District 1 city councilor after deciding his heart wasn't really in politics. That leaves three other announced candidates in the race to represent Charlestown, East Boston and the North End.




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It's always someone from East

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It's always someone from East Boston that wins the seat, it will be extremely impossible for a Charlestown or a North End resident to win.

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Given how overlooked the neighborhood is in general, EB would be voting against its self-interest if they voted for someone who doesn't know the neighborhood intimately.

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We're seeing much more

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We're seeing much more outsiders ( non natives) buying property in the neighborhood and calling Eastie their new neighborhood which is great, just like when things were changing in the North End in the 1980s where you had families who were in the north end for generations and have cashed out, some stayed, but the majority left and went to the suburbs, Eastie is experiencing the same now, it took Eastie a while to gentrify but it has surely arrived. My neighbors mostly on my street were Italians , we are now one out of 3 Italian families left on the street , we have they all gone, well they escaped to Saugus, lol.
Now these same people want to come back and are attempting to buy property realizing that they are being out bidded by several hundred other people, homes selling for $30k over asking price unimaginable for Eastie.

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5 for Bos Mayor, 55 for Bos City Council, 26 Camb City Council

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5 Potential Candidates for Mayor of Boston Preliminary Municipal Election Tuesday 26 September 2017

55 possible Candidates for Boston City Council

26 possible Candidates for Cambridge City Council
11 possible Candidates for Cambridge School Committee

Updated listings
available by email via

and scroll down about a dozen items at

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