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Filling The News Hole: Adam Gaffin and Matt Conti on the Codcast


In a conversation with The Codcast, Adam Gaffin, the force behind Universal Hub, says things have changed over the years, with him now working the site full-time and covering City Council meetings and Licensing Board hearings.

“One of the things the mainstream media misses by not covering those meetings is a lot of the issues that come up in Boston percolate in the City Council,” Gaffin said. “A lot of their stuff is routine but there’s still stuff that keeps coming up.”

Matt Conti, who joined Gaffin on The Codcast, started NorthEndWaterfront.com in 2009 as a way to keep the neighborhood informed and allow residents to share news. The site now has the look and feel of a traditional news site with stories from a couple part-time reporters and sections covering everything from breaking news to politics.

Go over there to listen ..because we still can't embed iframe here at universalhub. com.



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