The final, final end of Johnny D's in Davis Square

Old Johnny D's in Davis Square

J. Patience took a moment this morning to remember Johnny D's in Davis Square, which shut last year to make way for residential units:

Fond memories of friends' CD release party and waltzing in Bean boots to April Verch's fiddle.

Jay K also reminisced:

Many great musical groups passed thru this small venue. End of an era.





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Thankfully, Johnny D's in Brighton is still in business.

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Fondly missed

Since you went away the days grow long
And soon I'll hear old Winter's song
But I miss you most of all my darling
When autumn leaves start to fall

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Johnny D End.

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Johnny D End.

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I do look forward to the day when

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all properties in our neighborhoods are converted to condos and as a result there is no longer any reason to want to live in those neighborhoods.

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And that still doesn't negate the point being made. One of the reasons to live in the city vs the suburbs is having all sorts of conveniences and arts and entertainment options within a short distance. If I'm going to be surrounded by nothing but housing and a trip to go see live music, have dinner out, or buy groceries requires me to get in my car then I'm going to opt for the suburbs where I'll pay less and have more space.

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Shhh, don't ruin such a well thought-out whining session!

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I recall the owner saying she'd even allow another music club to occupy the ground floor upon rebuild. Maybe there were no takers, or maybe it's still a possibility.

And even if they didn't plan on living there, that family earned whatever they get from this property. They were not absentee landlords simply riding the wave of property values in Davis Square. They were there EVERY day working their butts off for something like five decades. They want to cash in? They deserve to cash in. They earned it.

During all this time, the founder passed away a while ago, his widow died, the son died, and if I remember correctly from reading the news story from a year or two ago, the surviving daughter who was working at the club since she was barely a teenager, has decided to spend more time with her children rather than continue to run that place seven days per week. I think she has this payday coming to her. Congratulations to her.

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They paved paradise

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and put up a mixed use transit oriented development.

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