Fire heavily damages commercial block in Mattapan

Inside Mattapan fire scene

Inside the laundry. Photo by BFD.

The Boston Fire Department reports firefighters responded at 4:42 a.m. to Blue Hill Avenue and Woodrow Avenue for what turned into a three-alarm fire that did an estimated $1 million damage to a commercial laundry and an auto-body shop.

The fire, which apparently started in the laundry, caused no injuries. Investigators are looking for the exact location and cause of the fire, the department says.

Firefighters used foam in addition to water:



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No map Adam?

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What laundry? What Auto Body shop? Kinda looks the one that tows everyone on street cleaning day...

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Hmm ...

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I put the data in, but the map isn't showing up. Will have to tap things with hammers.

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for the lazier

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never mind, apparently I can't post working links.

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Could be.

Address is right. They ran a scheme where the workers got paid under the table, no FICA was paid, no insurance, "The employees were paid strictly in cash without paystubs listing their hourly rates of pay.", so no Fed and State taxes taken out, either.
I assume a bunch of people, no docs, under the table, being taken advantage of. Slave labor? No. Not really slave labor. All they have to do to not be there is not show up for work.
The owners and the temp agency are on the hook for the bills and all crimes associated with the scheme.

Too bad about the fire, though...I feel bad for them.

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Glad nobody was hurt.

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Glad nobody was hurt. Hopefully, with the insurance money to make repairs, the block will look better in the near future. It's been looking pretty tired over the past few years.

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