Fire erupts in JP triple decker

Firefighters on Goldsmith Street

Boston firefighters responded around 7:50 p.m. to 12 Goldsmith St., where they quickly put out a fire on the first floor of the triple decker there. No residents injured.



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JP earlier tonight

Does anybody know what was going on in JP at around 6:00 pm on Wednesday on Sedgwick St in between Elm and John A Andrew by the old JP High School? The street was blocked off with crime scene tape for a couple hours and there were tons of cops and a NECN van, but nothing was mentioned on the evening news.

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West Roxbury fire problem

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Why hasn't the fire chief been restored to Westie? They're putting a natural gas pipeline over here and we have two fire stations and no Chief spread out over the second largest neighborhood in the city. I called my councilor's office over this and was told that WR now shares the chief from JP located at Egleston Square. Sounded fishy. Came to find out that the JP chief is picking up the slack left when the city removed the Mission Hill/Fenway/Roxbury/Longwood Hospital area chief. How do we share this Chief if he's at a fire in the Fenway? Why is the city cutting our fire service by increasing our property tax? More important- why weren't we told? I don't know about the rest of the city but if they're going to support this gas pipeline coming through Westie, they should support the neighborhood with the proper safeguards in case of emergency.

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