Fire in rain

Amy Bucher didn't realize she'd need a hard hat to walk under the Longfellow this afternoon.


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UPDATE: I'm mistaken, this was on the Boston side.

Looks like Amy ignored the "underpass closed" signs temporarily closing the sidewalk along the eastbound Land Boulevard/Mem Drive.

This is where she shot her video:

This is the sidewalk that's still open:

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Looks like she didn't

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She says she was on the Boston side, not the Cambridge side. Your Google Maps links confirms it, there is a concrete wall with a metal railing visible in your link but her video shows a wooden guardrail, which matches what is on the Boston side.

Also looks like a fire hazard, dropping all those sparks onto wooden boards.

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Sparks and Planks

Whether or not she was supposed to be under there, the combination of sparks and planks is still a bad one. Getting windy outside, and the history of plank fires in there is not good. If they didn't have a fire detail around, they should have.

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