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Fire rips through Hyde Park house

Firefighter on roof of Summer Street house

Firefighter checking for fire extension through hole cut in roof.

The Boston Fire Department reports a fire that started in the kitchen at 41 Summer St. in Hyde Park spread to the second floor and went to three alarms before it was brought under control.

Firefighters responded at 2:38 p.m. The department estimates damage at $200,000; says there were no injuries. The exact cause is under investigation.



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Hope everyone is ok.

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I hope everyone is alright too. Does anyone know if the HP/WR fire chief position was reestablished? The firehouse in my hood told me they eliminated the chief here and they have chiefs from Dorchester and Rozzie doing the fires in HP/WR. They said the same thing happened to the fire chiefs in Mission Hill. The city just went up on the property tax so I hope they'd give us a little more service for that extra money we now pay. It sounds like a safety issue. If they reinstated these positions then my comments are moot. But if not, they should be. If they raise the tax on property some of that revenue should go toward protecting that property.

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All apparatus have a qualified lieutenant or captain on board most fo the time. Occasionally a senior firefighter will assume an acting position as the apparatus officer.

Most officers can handle a fire as the command scene person in charge. A district chief (administrator) is usually only needed for a 1-alarm fire and up or if there are special circumstances.

Once the fire is declared a "working fire" the district chief and a safety chief are automatically dispatched. On the second alarm you get an additional district chief and by then you have the Division Chief (Deputy Chief of the Department), and a rescue unit. On the 3rd you're also usually seeing a rep from the mayor's office on the scene as well.

Each chief has a chauffeur who is their assistant and who carries out specific orders and passes them along. They are the chief's second set of eyes at the scene, often assisting arriving apparatus with assignments.

So you have plenty of people fighting the fire, overseeing attack plans, assuring safety, etc.

By the 3rd alarm you have additional engines, ladders, and a tower, lighting unit, motor squad (keeps the trucks fueled and running), Chaplain, and more.

This is all per-assigned in the fire department play book.

Bottom line... a chief is nice but the guys know what they are doing.

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