Fireboats rush to boat on fire in Boston Harbor

Boat on fire

The Coast Guard reports fireboats from both BFD and Massport, as well as one of its own vessels, rushed to a boat that erupted in flames in the harbor this evening. No injuries.

Photo by Eric Ballard:

Boat on fire



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The Navies of Boston.

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How many different warships patrol the harbor?
The Coast Guard
Massport Fire
Boston Fire
Boston Police
Environmental Police
Mass State Police
DCR Rangers
Someone told me UMass Boston has a vessel does the Transit Police have a vessel for the commuter boats?

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Yes, the jurisdiction on the water seems confusing, but not naval battles of late in the harbor, no?

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Occasional Commuter Boat Taker Here

To the best of my knowledge the Transit Police do not have a harbor patrol boat.

It is funny that when there used to be a terrorist incident in some European Country or here we would sometimes get a coast guard small patrol boat with a mounted machine gun following us, you know just in case Isis gets a navy. If Al Qaeda somehow blew up someone in Afghanistan, nothing.

Sometimes the Coast Guard will put someone at the top of the gangway (99% of the time only in Boston, rarely if ever in Hingham) and up and down people as they get on the boat.

The thing is 40% (not sourced) of the Hingham boat played college lacrosse, hockey, or football. Anyone that doesn't look like they might quickly answer to the name Chip, Kevin, or Tuck, is out of place and anyone trying anything like lighting a plastic bucket with a Lidl bag over it (discount store - sure sign you are out of place on the Hingham boat) would get their lights beat out immediately if it looked like they were up to something.

We actually do need these fire boats for the safety of the harbor. It is a cushy but can also get intense very fast gig. Coast Guard patrols tailing boats full of mid and upper level financial types in case of terrorist dhows off Rainsford Island, not so much.

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True that

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But still now what I'd really call a navy.

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