Firefighters battle brush fires in Stony Brook Reservation

Boston firefighters are in Stony Brook Reservation, battling three separate brush fires, near the Washington Street side, roughly across from Heron Street.

UPDATE: Fire went to second alarm around 3:50 p.m. as BFD brought in more firefighters to connect distant hydrants to the crews in the woods. Firefighters were also warned to be careful due to a large bee colony discovered near one engine and to watch for trees that might fall.



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Traffic is fun

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Just tried to go northbound on Washington from the Dedham line. Washington is blocked at West Boundary Road which means northbound traffic has to make a u turn there (great watching a T bus make a three point turn) and go back southbound to Grove. Stand by for the complaints from Roslindale about all the helicopters overhead.

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Just a darn tootin' minute there, Hoss!

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Roxbury Latin School Woods Park?

Roxbury Latin School Woods Park?

That's what it says on the accompanying google map. And as a guy who spent hours of his misspent youth "up the woods" I am offended. I know that they bought it. I know that they own it. They can damned well call any prissifed thing that they want.

But if any of the local kids ever stop calling it "the woods" and start referring to is as "Roxbury Latin School Woods Park" we'll know the end times are upon us!

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Don't worry about it. By the

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Don't worry about it. By the time the kids start calling it that, their parents will have raised them on SoFo (South of Forest Hills) property...


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