First responders keep man from jumping down onto the turnpike in the Back Bay

Boston Police report EMTs, police officers and firefighters teamed up to keep a man ready to jump from Clarendon Street onto the turnpike below around 6 p.m.

Boston EMTs were already on-scene, had made contact with the male, and kept him talking. Two BPD officers then climbed out on the exposed pipes of the overpass, and together they talked the male into coming back to safety with them. Boston fire fighters cut a hole in the barrier and recovered everyone from outside the fence.



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Truly Awesome Skills

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I witnessed a similar situation that took place over several hours on a high rooftop across from my apartment. There was a large team on the ground, and eventually there was a ladder sending firemen up to the roof, and with incredible skill and persuasion they saved a college student's life. It was a couple of days before Thanksgiving; I knew there was a family somewhere that wouldn't be planning a funeral instead — because Boston has extraordinary first responders. Give thanks.

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