Five charged with using Quincy bar as a gambling front

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The owner of the Southside Tavern and four other men, including one from Dorchester, were indicted this week for an online gambling operation that the state Attorney General's office charges used the bar for laundering proceeds from bets.

John Manning IV, 39, of Marshfield, who owns the bar, and Sean Conroy, 40 of Braintree, who manages it, were charged with organizing and promoting illegal gambling, registration of bets, delivering and receiving for the purpose of gambling, use of the phone for the purpose of gambling, conspiracy and money laundering, along with Patrick Dolbeare, 36, of Dorchester, the AG's office says.

Manning's uncle, James Manning, 59, of Pembroke, and his cousin, Nicholas Manning, were charged with registration of bets, use of the phone for gambling, conspiracy and delivering and receiving for the purpose of gambling.

The defendants allegedly took illegal bets from hundreds of gamblers through sports betting websites that were run by an offshore casino and had dozens of agents working for them. Authorities allege the defendants utilized the bar to facilitate collections and money laundering.

As part of their investigation into South Shore bookmaking, State Police investigators seized $400,000 in alleged proceeds, the AG's office says.

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In the good old days

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At one time, there was gambling in pretty much every bar in Boston (at least the ones I went to, and there were plenty of them). Football cards and daily numbers games were everywhere. If the bartender wasnt the guy taking the bets, he knew someone who was. Then came the state lottery and internet gambling which killed a lot of the local cash business. There are actually some guys that still run the cards, but they make a lot less money. Happy to hear there are still some bars engaging in this tradition. Sorry to hear these guys were arrested.

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Let's not forget ...

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... the good old days tradition of gambling debt collection.

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Friendly wagers

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With friends and a few guys from the neighborhood bar is one thing.

Offshore accounts and multiple agents working online is a professional gambling operation.

Aside from the tax evasion, operations like this often intertwine with other "more dangerous" underground businesses that are "cash only".

What they did was very illegal and not at all a quaint tradition.

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An analogy

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Back in the old days, illegal gambling was run by gangsters, both big-time and small-time. The cops spent a lot of time chasing them and there were plenty of feuds that led to violence. The state created their own, regulated gambling and most of the illegal stuff went away, along with the associated violence and wasted police time.

Still today the illegal sale of marijuana wastes a ton of police time and creates violence. The state will take it over and most of that bad stuff will go away.

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