Flaming trash truck ties up Ted Williams Tunnel

Firefighters work on burning trash truck

Boston firefighters use saw to cut open truck. Photo by BFD.

A trash truck burst into flames in the Ted Williams Tunnel around 12:50 p.m., shutting the tunnel and sending a plume of black smoke high into the air by way of the tunnel exhaust-vent building across from the South Boston convention center.

Fire from truck in the Ted Williams Tunnel

Photo by Tim Colby.

The Boston Fire Department reports the fire was knocked down shortly after 1:30 - after firefighters used a heavy-duty saw to open up the back and expose the flaming trash. Firefighters used foam to help douse the flames.

The department adds the tunnel vent system worked exactly as planned in quickly evacuating smoke.

Truck about to be hauled out of tunnel (photo by BFD):

Truck in the Ted Williams Tunnel



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Which direction?

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Do you know which direction?

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uHub vs Patch

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The headline in an email today from the The Patch said the "Mass Pike" tunnel was closed in both directions due to this truck fire. I assumed they meant the Pru tunnel. While the Patch headline was technically correct - the Ted Williams tunnel IS part of the Pike - no one would call that location the "Mass Pike tunnel" and expect people to know what they are talking about.

uHub : 1
Patch: 0

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Great job by BFD. Fire in a

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Great job by BFD. Fire in a tunnel must certainly be a stressful/tense situation. Training pays off!

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