Fourth person charged in connection with murder in an SUV in East Boston

A Brockton 18-year-old was arraigned on armed-robbery charges today in connection with the death of Duncan Ketter, who authorities say was shot protecting a friend during a pot deal turned robbery and whose body was then dumped at the intersection of Orleans and Marginal streets in East Boston on Dec. 10.

Elijah Charles, who turns 19 later this week, was arraigned in East Boston Municipal Court this morning, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office reports.

Thorus O'Brien, 18, of Brockton, was charged with Ketter's murder - he allegedly lay in wait in the rear of the SUV and fired when Ketter tried to defend his friend, who was also dumped out of the car. Demetrius Cast, 20, of Everett, and a 16-year-old not named because of his age, also face armed-robbery charges for the incident.

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