Get a load of this: Dump truck pulls down power lines in Hyde Park; news copter keeps a bleary neighborhood awake

Dump truck ensnared in power and cable lines in Hyde Park

Rick Macomber shows us the scene on Truman Parkway at Dana Avenue in Hyde Park around 4:50 a.m., after a dump truck unloading asphalt for the Truman repaving project took down power, phone and cable lines.

To add insult to injury, residents report that at least one news copter then kept circling and circling and circling, beaming out endless video of video of a dump truck that was not going anywhere.

In a plaintive plea to NBC Boston, Channel 25, Channel 5 and Channel 7 (at that hour, who could tell whose chopper that was?), Liz begs:

Helicopter flying low over Hyde Park for over an hour now. Get your shot and please go. Enough.




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1.21 gigawatts?

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I seriously doubt that truck could do 88 mph.

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To answer your second question, yes

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Labor costs are low compared with scripted shows, and since people have a strange desire to know what's going on (and specifically, to get the weather,) the ad revenue is juicy.

To answer your first question, who knows? And who cares? As others say, you can get a minute or 2 of coverage and loop it. Who's going to know the difference?

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Local TV news stinks

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Local TV news stinks.

I understand 10 seconds to get a picture or video, but why stay on site so long?

And if they can fly a helicopter over my head all day, I want to set up my noisy portable generator outside their editor's home all night.

And thanks for blocking the side-walk with your van all day long, so the talking-heads can "broadcast live from the T Station where someone was injured last night". Broadcasting live the "day after" a crime adds very little value to the news.

As much as people complain about the Globe, at least they occasionally have a reporter actually report something, instead of just standing around outside the scene. (Then at the top, there's U-Hub, with really great local reporting to go along with adorable animal pictures)

Rant over. Time to go enjoy a sunny Friday away from TV news.

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I hate those helicopters

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Whichever TV station it is in Lower Allston sometimes flies endless circles over the neighborhood like the world's biggest mosquito. There's already enough noise pollution, guys, you don't need to make it 5x worse.

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Airplane Noise

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Well, this is in the Logan flight path that people complain about, so no surprise about aircraft noise complaints.

Pretty soon these people will be complaining about balsa wood kid's toy planes.


Watch... the additional train traffic on the Fairmount branch will be next. This is Boston, not Pepperell.

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Em, no

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This area actually lies between two different flight paths- the one that goes over the Blue Hills and affects Milton, Dorchester, and South Boston and the one that goes over Franklin Park and affects Roslindale, Jamaica Plain, and one would imagine Grove Hall, Roxbury, and the South End even though the don't bellyache nearly as much as those who live further away.

Helicopters are wicked annoying, but it's a droning kind of annoying. Constant, but not as loud as jet engines.

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