Goose shot with dart in Watertown

Watertown News reports.



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Bigger "trend"?

This has been happening to pigeons in San Francisco as well, and getting quite a bit of coverage. Is this some "cool" (and by cool I mean savage and idiotic) new thing to do?

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I hope I don't ever see

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I hope I don't ever see someone harming an animal like that. I would most definitely go to jail. Some people are such scumbags

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Geese, like their bastard cousin the hornet, deserve whatever horrors nature should decide to visit upon them. They'd as soon kill and eat you as look at you.

Though I suppose one must maintain a sense of honor, and only engage them with melee weapons.

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Fight like a goose?

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So to fight a goose in kind you're going to go and find a beautiful park they've designed, built and maintained and then pepper it with your poop? Good luck with that.

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Mail-order weapons

These blowguns are available online and from mail-order catalogs. IDK if they are illegal for sale to MA residents, like swords and crossbows, but even if they are, persons who are interested enough will get one. Once they have it, of course, they want to go out and shoot something with it, and I bet shooting balloons gets old fairly quick.

Unless there's some undiscovered primitive tribe in the depths of the Watertown rain forest ...

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Let's just ban and make owning illegal every 'weapon' ?

It is already, as it should be, illegal, a criminal offense, to harm anyone with any kind of weapon, tool. This extends to many wild and domestic non-human animals. It's also illegal to use many 'weapons' in highly populated areas.

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pls dont

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pls dont harm wild animals...idk wtf is wrong w/ ppl

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