Green Line trolley hits man on tracks near Waban

Around 9:15 p.m., Transit Police report. The man, hit on the outbound side, was taken to a local hospital in critical condition, police say, adding that foul play is not suspected.




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Calling Inspector Clouseau

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The recent expose by the Boston Globe and the consultant hired by the MBTA finds that their detectives are inept, lie on reports, are not properly trained and resemble Inspector Clouseau. Shouldn't all train accidents be handled by professional investigators from the MSP and local departments?

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Sheesh! This is really crazy!

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Two people hit by commuter trains in a fortnight? What the hell is going on? I hope the two men in question survive and have a full, speedy recovery, but something seems sort of amiss, if one gets the drift.

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Concord guy's dead.

Who the hell says 'fortnight' in this day and age?

" but something seems sort of amiss, if one gets the drift."

If it's not just 'cutting across' then maybe they're seriously impaired. It's a damn shame, but there's places where the T fixes the fences and they're open a couple of days later.

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Sounds like suicide

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From the description in the report, it sounds like attempted suicide by train. My guess is that the same has been true of many of the others. No change to fencing is going to prevent this.

My thoughts go out to all the train drivers who have been put in this horrible situation. It is very traumatic and haunts them forever.

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