Hail, hail, the gang's all here

Hail in Jamaica Plain

"So much hail!" Becca reports from Jamaica Plain.

There was a bit of the old flash flooding at Forest Hills and a tree came down at Florida and Wrentham streets in Dorchester.



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For a second there

I thought Adam was making a Dropkick Murphys reference and then the interwebs showed me how Adam truly is one of the quickest wits in Boston.

p.s. Driving through Dorchester was something out of a movie. The water so deep that I had to turn around twice to make my way around flooded streets to get home. Thank you BFD for being out there and helping keep people off those streets. It was happening so fast that even Waze wanted to give up.

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My office in JP has a

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My office in JP has skylights and it sounded like a pachinko parlor for about 20 minutes.

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