Harbor Point victim identified as David Cole, 30

Boston Police today identified the man shot to death on Peninsula Place in the Harbor Point complex on Sunday as David Cole, 30, of South Boston.

Friends of Cole, also known as Dee Lee Menino, have set up a GoFundMe page to help pay for his funeral and burial costs.






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Unfucking believable BOSTON.
Brother shot dead, body towed on a flatbed truck, lost for 2 days. No call from Police, Detectives, Medical Examiners, DA, Mayors office, Or any City of Boston employee.
Made call after calls for everyone to be confused, confusing a already confused family.
Talk to homicide detective, just to hear "tell us who did it" "were working non stop". Its your fucking job to tell us. And you don't eat, shit or sleep. Non stop my ass. How can we have faith in you, when there are so many unsolved murders. We are just shitted down to a button, and T-Shirt.
And you want us to VOTE.
Only help was the Peace Institute!
SMFH Boston Strong My Ass.
@bostoncityhall @harborpointapts @bostonpolice
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