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Haul from Lexington house break pawned in Boston; suspects could be from Dorchester

Lexington Burglary

Lexington Police have released video and photos of a pair of alleged yeggs they say broke into a house in Lexington on March 7 and then pawned stuff the same day in both Boston and Nashua.

If the guy in the tan jacket looks familiar, call them at 781-862-1212.



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Sorry if I missed it on the link (I didn't watch the video) but how and why the reference to Dorchester?

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MGLC 140, S 79: Every pawnbroker shall keep a book in which, at the time of making a loan, shall be legibly written in the English language an account and description, including all distinguishing marks and numbers, of the articles pawned, the amount of money loaned thereon, the time of pawning them, the rate of interest to be paid on such loan, and the name and residence of the person pawning such articles, and shall furnish a correct record of such transactions, containing all such information, once a week, or oftener if required, to the licensing authorities or to any person designated by them. Every pawnbroker shall also photograph any person pawning articles and keep the photographs with said books as part of his records.

Did the broker actually photograph the suspects as required by law or just these grainy videos? Also, did they obtain I.D. or just ask for a (likely fake) name?

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The reason the alert mentions the guy in the tan jacket specifically is that the detectives think they know who the other guy is.

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