Huntington Theatre tower gets approval

WBUR reports the BPDA approved plans by a developer to put up a 32-story residential tower on the old BU Theatre property on Huntington Avenue.

The approval includes creation of new theater space in the tower for the Huntington Theatre Co., which would lease the space for $1 a year. The theater company now needs to raise roughly $70 million to outfit the space.




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Huntington Ave Theatre is not going anywhere

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The Huntington will be renovating the Huntington Ave Theatre, and building out 14,000sf of new space in the QMG tower. The stated price tag includes endowment, creation of their new production facility in Everett, rebuilding the support wing of the theatre to include off street loading, rehearsal hall and production support.

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The sketch of the proposed.....

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... building is, like so many new buildings in Boston, an example of generic ugliness. Soon Boston will just look like some kind of sprawling corporate headquarters/shopping mall.

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Everyone's a critic

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Must be a conspiracy that has nothing to do with the cost and availability of materials, etc.

Consider getting an architecture degree and changing the trend? nawww ... way easier to just sit and bitch.

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