Husband charged with murder of Lynn teacher

Police today arrested Vanessa MacCormack's husband, Andrew, on charges he beat and strangled her in their apartment on Grand View Avenue home, the Suffolk County District Attorney's office and Revere and State Police announced today.

According to the DA's office:

The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner made preliminary findings that she had suffered a blunt force injury to the head, sharp force injuries to the neck, and asphyxiation. Evidence suggested that the killer made concerted efforts to clean up the crime scene and dispose of related items.

Today’s arrest followed the recovery of footage from private surveillance systems and public safety cameras, the execution of a search warrant by State and Revere police, interviews with multiple witnesses, examination of phone and other records, and many more investigative steps.

In a statement, DA Dan Conley said:

The evidence suggests that her murder was a crime of domestic violence, committed in the very place where she should have been safest - her own home. It was critical during the past several days to withhold certain information as we gathered the facts and evidence, and we’re extremely grateful for the cooperation of witnesses and partner agencies who helped us build this case.

Andrew MacCormack, 29, is expected to be arraigned tomorrow in Chelsea District Court.

Innocent, etc.





Just walk away

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Too all the men, from one man to another man before doing anything harmful to anyone. Please sucking your pride and get some help.

To seek help or even outside help does not mean you're any less than a man. All Pains of the heart can be healed you have to be a man to one I heal your own heart.

To the family friends Associates co-workers and everyone who knew this woman from all accounts it sounds like the Earth has lost one of its greatest Healers and helpers. There is never no replacement for a helper. My thoughts my prayers my condolences and heart go out to everyone who is adversely affected by this tragedy and senseless homicide.

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