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Hyde Park fried-chicken man facing prison and deportation has food-serving license taken away

The Boston Licensing Board voted yesterday to revoke the food-serving license for New York Fried Chicken, 1251 River St., because listed owner Riaz Ali Shah hid the real owner of the take-out place and because he's agreed to plead guilty to federal tax and immigration fraud charges.

The board rejected arguments by Shah's current lawyer, William Cintolo, that Shah should be allowed to continue operating the outlet at least until his sentencing in November because Shah doesn't officially become a convict until then and because Shah may have been duped by majority owner Hazrat Khalid Khan of Middletown, NY, who himself has agreed to plead guilty to the same charges.

The vote may mean that Hyde Park residents hungry for some basic take-out fried franchise chicken, will have to travel to American Legion Highway in Roslindale (Popeye's and KFC) or Washington Street in West Roxbury (KFC).



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Is that the address for one location or is that the corporate address and all of them being shut down?

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They haven't had hearings for the others.

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