Ice not nice

Crashed firetruck

Cars and trucks crashed and people walking on sidewalks plunged to the ground across the Boston area overnight and this morning.

In Waltham, KMV reports the fire department's Engine 2 crashed into a utility pole while responding to a call early this morning. Live wires trapped three firefighters inside until the power could be turned off. They were then taken to a local hospital with injuries not considered life threatening, he writes.



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Welcome to Portland, Seattle, and Vancouver!


Freezing rain, that is ... Silver Thaw. ZR.

YakTrax are the bomb for this stuff. Ditto for your car - Tire chains are about the only thing that will help you in this crap (other than staying home). If we get any more of this I'm going to have to reevaluate getting that second pair of chains for the AWD.

Big shout out to the City of Medford for getting out ahead of this mess with the salt brine and sand runs yesterday evening. Plows and even salt do not help much once the layers of ice form.

City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Dressed up holiday shops
In the air there's a feeling of Christmas
People slipping
People sliding
Cars are spinning like tops
And on every street corner you see ...
Silver thaw
Silver thaw
Low friction time in the city
Seeing stars
Crashing cars
Soon it will all thaw away.

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Montreal doesn't have so many freezing rain events.

Boston didn't used to have so many freezing rain events.

The Pacific Northwest is where you get a lot of freezing rain events! It is the predominant stinky winter weather thing there!

Try 1= Seattle, 2=Portland, 3= Vancouver for a severity scale!

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Oh deer

They need to get the flock out of there!

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"On a scale of 1 to Montreal"

Gawd, that was hilarious. The image of the sander losing it...maybe he should have backed down the street.

I was in that situation once. In the words of the guy from 'The Gods Must be Crazy', "I do not want to talk about it".

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It Was A Perfect Night For A Walk On The Beach!

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I couldn't believe it when the last train to Wonderland delivered me to a winter wonderland of glare ice! I had to walk so slow and carefully to avoid falling, it was going to take forever to get home.

Instead of using the sidewalk, my solution was to walk on the beach from Wonderland to Oak Island. There was no loss of traction there, so for that part of my journey I trucked along at full speed!

  ( picture taken several days ago — proves people have fun at the beach all year long! )

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