If at first you don't succeed, sue, sue again

WGBH reports the guy behind the failed IndyCar race thing has filed yet another lawsuit, this time against the entire city of Boston, rather than just its environmental chief. He wants $15.5 million plus interest, damages and attorney's fees. His earlier suit was tossed because it turned out you can't sue individual government workers for negligence in Massachusetts.


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Man Bites Dog

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Wait, shouldn't the city be suing him? Or did we just consider all those barriers we bought just recompense when they were sold off?

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Time for Final Jeopardy rules

You can't sue for more than what you're worth. What's this schmuck going to do with $15 million? Where does he think "the city of Boston's" money comes from? I'm a resident. (Expletive) this guy.

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Judge's ruling

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We find in favor of the plaintiff and award him the sum of two fake Indy cars and five thousand Jersey barriers.

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He better not get a single cent from anyone.

This complete jerk needs to pay back what he stole from all the IndyCar fans who put down money as deposits for tickets, and then tuck his tail between his legs, and go take a menial job somewhere where he can't bother anyone.

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