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If you ever find yourself in Nashville, desperate for some reminders of home ...

Batter'd and Fried in Nashville, TN

Stop by Batter'd & Fried Boston Seafood House, 1008 Woodland St. in East Nashville, where the walls are lined with photos of Sox players and the dishes include New England fish and chips, Boston clam chowder, Atlantic whole belly clams and Boston Cream Pie. Sam Adams is on tap, of course, and when the Sox are playing, their games are on the TVs.

Owner Matt Charrette is originally from Palmer and he writes:

I wanted to do the Fried seafood just like the ones I used to get back home growing up in Palmer Mass. and then decorate the place with my Redsox stuff and New England stuff. Its a nice little piece of home for me. But Palmer Seafood House Doesn't have the Same ring to it.

H/t Welcome to Dot.

The Boston pizza place on the edge of a Bolivian salt flat.

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There's always the Canadian franchise Boston Pizza. When I first saw a location in the west coast I was shocked: Boston doesn't have particularly good Pizza compared to CT/NYC/NJ.

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My brother and SIL always take me to Boston Pizza when I visit beautiful Rocky Mountain House, Alberta (population 6,635). It really isn't Boston pizza, but it really isn't bad, either.

Always causes cognitive dissonance when the Flames, Oilers, or Canucks are in championship contention versus the Bruins.

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The first time I went to Nashville a local was suggesting a restaurant to try. I asked what kind of restaurant it was, he replied "it's a steak and spaghetti place". Wait... a... what?!?

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Come on, is that any weireder than the local phenomenon of "Roast Beef and Seafood" shops?

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