If you're still undecided in your district council race

This is the week for candidate forums in the council districts with enough candidates to warrant Sept. 26 preliminary elections. Here's a list of the forums for the races in District 1 (North End, East Boston, Charlestown), District 2 (Chinatown, South Boston, South End, downtown), District 7 (Roxbury) and District 9 (Allston/Brighton).

Going forward, I'll be updating the list with additional forums and events for the fall city elections.



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Ah yes,

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Our low hanging fruit elections.

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Te Amo the szak!

Is the Szak the only person who truly understands how awful our state and local governments are about open ness and transparency?

The Center for Public Integrity gives Massachusetts an F for access to public information.


F equals failure. I find it amazing how people in Massachusetts are on such a high horse about how great things are here, telling everyone else in the country and world how to live, without ever looking in the mirror of the obvious corruption and obfuscation of our local governments. Yes, this is a great state but in spite of, not because of, its government.

So here is to you Señor Szak, the person who is the truth teller, who understands the emperor has no clothes, who is unafraid of the elitist snark in the internets while you try and wake up the masses to get the government we truly deserve.

My sombrero is off to you!

Viva el Szak!!!

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Vote for new Candidates.

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One approach to the list of Candidates is Vote for new Candidates. Particularly Candidates that advocate for

a) updating Records Management at Boston City Council

b) release online of the City Stenographer Stenographic Record of Council Public Meetings

c) online chart/table of Roll Call Votes taken in Council Public Meetings by topic/by Councilor.

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Records Management practices. Open data.

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Maybe attending, or checking out forums' online streaming or the news/bloggers' coverage. Records management practices and open data are a topic that the brightest Candidates understand well.

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