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Resident injured in Hyde Park house fire

Fire at 36 Lexington Ave. in Hyde Park

Rear of 36 Lexington Ave. Photo by BFD.

A three-alarm fire at 36 Lexington Ave. that broke out shortly before 12:10 p.m. sent one resident to the hospital.

The Boston Fire Department reports the fire started in the rear and that the home's rear porches collapsed. The fire was declared knocked down around 12:50 p.m.

Fire Commissioner Joe Finn praised firefighters who rescued the resident from the second floor before they even had water flowing through their hoses.

They saved a life!!!

The department estimates damage at $400,000 and says the cause is under investigation.

Jenn Alton watched the smoke rise:

Lexington Avenue fire in Hyde Park

This is the fourth house fire in Hyde Park since the beginning of March:

41 Summer St., 3/2.
110 Davison St., 3/15.
18 Lincoln St., 4/14.

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Adam - This is all in the same general neighborhood too. This may be a bug. Very concerned. All daytime as well.

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