It takes a big crane to hoist a big camera


UPDATE: See the comments - the net has nothing to do with catching falling people.

JB watched the Equalizer 2 crew filming something today in the South End. He notes they also had a net strung over the courtyard at the building roofline, so wonders if some cast member, oh, Denzel Washington, maybe, will be doing heroic jumps or just possibly a battle to the death right on the roof, like, with, oh, Matt Damon to see who gets first dibs on cracking the heads of the evil ganglords taking over the city, but then they both realize they'd be better as a team and the one with the upper hand grins, gives the other a hand up and they go down to Charlie's Sandwich Shoppe to figure out their plans over some hash.

Crane and building




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I will hold my head in shame the next time I'm in the South End.

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The net is for sunlight control between the buildings

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Also called a silk.

It diffuses the light so it's not as harsh and to get a more consistent look. There another scrim on the blue lift. It looks like a big fly swatter when in use and it's put right in front of where the sun is coming down on scene.

The black lift has a big light on it, not a camera.

The lifts are technically called Aerial Work Platforms or AWP's. They have baskets for people to usually work out of.

They're not cranes and can't really lift much weight.

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