It was like the trains just overslept, service to South Station today really crept

The day after Keolis issued a statement about improved reliability on commuter rail, signal problems at South Station caused some major delays.


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alternative facts

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Follow MBTA_CR on Twitter and you will see delays and cancelations occur every day. Not sure where these numbers are being sourced, but certainly does not reflect my experience as a daily passenger.

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February 9 to March 30 --

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February 9 to March 30 -- almost two months of reduced commuter rail service.

And the reduced schedule was still a mess. My train was 30 to 60+ minutes late almost every day in February. I fell over amazed the first time I checked the app and it was reported on time towards the end of the month (where on time meant 4 minutes late).

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For as long as I've been riding the system

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(Commuter Rail - 26 years, Subway 37+ years), management SOP has been to consider a trip to be on time if the delay has been less than a certain amount of time.

Also, note that MBTA issues CR alerts in cases when they expect a trip to be delayed, even if it turns out to run "on-time".

In short, neither Keolis' claims nor going by Twitter or text alerts are a totally reliable gauge of the long term performance trends of the system.

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I actually didn't have to work today, and I was glad because when I checked my email at 8:15am I had 39 T-alerts about delays on the Framingham/Worcester line. Thirty-nine emails is a lot of emails for one morning, is all I'm saying.

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