It's like the Red Line has the flu - there was a dead train at Andrew

Delays on the Red Line

The current sitch. Photo by James T. Here's.

The MBTA reports "severe" delays on the Red Line due to an earlier deceased train at Andrew.




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Double trouble

I arrived at Broadway in the middle of this mess. The disabled train was moving, on it's way to Park st for the turnaround when it broke down again at DTX. Once trains were moving again a fight almost brown out at DTX as too may people were pushing and shoving to get on my train...

quite the mess.

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This should just be an

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This should just be an automatic reply posted to every MBTA article on UHub.

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Time to fire Ramirez and Pollack

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It just isn't working out. We need someone with actual transportation experience running our network

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Red Line has been pretty bad lately

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Seems like there's at least one of these every day. Are the other lines actually better, or have they just given up trying?

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